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In the Region of Tumbes, the climate is warm, humid, tropical and semi-dry tropical, with an average temperature of 27?C. The maximum temperature, in the summer, is of 40?C and the minimum, of 18?C, which is registered at night, during the winter. The temperature rarely drops, and during the day, it is of 26?C. During the spring and fall, the temperature oscillates between 30 and 21?C.


  • 7 m.a.s.l. (Tumbes)
  • Minimum: 5 m.a.s.l. (Caleta La Cruz)
  • Maximum: 1,650 m.a.s.l. (Amotape’s Mountain Range – San Jacinto).


  • To the north, with the Republic of Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean
  • To the East and South-east, with the Republic of Ecuador
  • To the South, with the Region of Piura
  • To the West, with the Pacific Ocean.

Capital City

Tumbes is the capital city of the region that bears the same name, with a population of over 200,000 inhabitants, and is Peru’s Northern access way. Its urban configuration has colonial, republican and modern traits, as it is a city with an important commercial trade activity, due to its bordering position with the Republic of Ecuador, and the fact that the tourism activity has an important rebound, thanks to the natural attractions it displays, such as beautiful beaches, countryside, forests and mountains.

Access Ways

  • On the North Panamerican Road: About 18 hours by bus, from the city of Lima
  • FAP Captain Pedro Canga Rodríguez Airport: It is the Region of Tumbes´ main airport, and it is located about 8.5 km. north of the city.

By Plane

  • Regular daily service Lima / Tumbes / Lima
  • Connection Tumbes / Trujillo
  • Connection Tumbes / Piura.


By Land (Distances)

  • Lima / Tumbes: 1,259 km.
  • Tumbes / Piura: 278 km.
  • Tumbes / Chiclayo: 489 km.
  • Tumbes / Trujillo: 698 km.

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