La Libertad – Trujillo

La Libertad – Trujillo

Capital de la Primavera

La Libertad – Trujillo Geographical Situation

The Region of La Libertad is located on the North coast of Peru, at 6° 56´ 38″ of latitude South and between meridians, at 79° 27´ 9″ and 79° 41´ 18″ of longitude West.

Its coastal valleys are very fertile, in the same way than its inter-Andean valleys. This region extends towards the East, with territories bathed by the powerful Marañón River, as it is the country’s only region which contains the three natural regions: Coast, mountains and jungle.

It occupies a large portion of coastline on the Pacific Ocean, as well as great part of a mountainous and high jungle territory. It has a surface of 25,569.67 km², which is equivalent to 2% of the national territory. Its beaches and coastal waters offer great marine wealth, thanks to the Humboldt or Peruvian Current.

Geographical Relief

Its geographical relief is very varied, due to the presence of these geographical phenomena: Occidental Cordillera, the Caillacuyán-Escalo Divide and Central Cordillera.

Its territory covers the three natural regions. The coastal strip is relatively flat, with valleys, dunes, sand dunes and desert plains that remain arid and dry all year long. 75% of its territory is essentially Andean and is characterized by a set of foothills, deep canyons, gorges and cliffs.

Finally, the areas located mainly on the right bank of the Marañón River, correspond to the high jungle. Its territory is constituted of six altitudinal levels: Coast, maritime yunga, quechua, suni, puna and rupa rupa.

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La Libertad – Trujillo

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