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  • It is desert-like and semi-hot, in the part that covers the coast and ascends in depth through the inter-Andean valleys of the Chicama and Moche rivers.
  • It is mild and semi-arid, in the part that covers the Andes´ Occidental and Oriental slopes.
  • It is cold, with dry winters, in the part situated above 3,000 m.a.s.l., and spreading over the highest parts of the Oriental and Occidental slopes, as well as those of the water divides.
  • Above 4,000 m.a.s.l., there is the climate of the dry high mountain “puna”, without vegetation, which extends to the South, with an average temperature of about 8? C, in the provinces of Sánchez Carrión and Santiago de Chuco, and in the Central Cordillera, the average temperature is of about 7? C, with the Marañón Valley’s semi-dry and arid climate.


  • Capital city: 34 m.a.s.l. (Trujillo)
  • Minimum: 3 m.a.s.l. (Salaverry)
  • Maximum: 4,008 m.a.s.l. (Quiruvilca).


  • To the North, with the regions of Lambayeque, Cajamarca and Amazonas
  • To the South, with the regions of Ancash and Huánuco
  • To the East, with the Region of San Martín
  • To the West, with the Pacific Ocean.

Capital City

Trujillo is the capital city of the Region of La Libertad. It is situated at 34 m.a.s.l., on the right bank of the Moche River, in the Santa Catalina Valley; one of the most fertile valleys, on the North coast. Trujillo is known as the “Capital City of Eternal Spring”, for its pleasant climate, with a maximum average temperature of 22.7? C (72.9? F) and a minimum of 15.8? C (60.4? F), with the absence of rain throughout the year. However, when the El Niño phenomenon comes along, the climate changes, the level of rainfall increases and the temperature may rise. Its population is of about one million inhabitants.

Access Ways

  • By plane: Capitán FAP Carlos Martinéz de Pinillos International Airport (Trujillo)
  • By sea: Ports of Salaverry, Malabrigo and Pacasmayo
  • By land: Panamerican Road, among other roads.

By Plane

  • Regular daily service Lima / Trujillo / Lima
  • Connection Trujillo / Chiclayo
  • Connection Trujillo / Tumbes.

By Land

The city of Trujillo is interconnected with the city of Lima and Northern Peru’s main cities, by means of the North Panamerican Road.

  • Lima / Trujillo: 561 km.
  • Trujillo / Chiclayo: 209 km.
  • Trujillo / Piura: 420 km.
  • Trujillo / Tumbes: 698 km.

More About La Libertad ( Trujillo):

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