Amazonas city


The Region of Amazonas and its capital city Chachapoyas have much to offer to the world: History, nature and live culture. To get to know it is to discover deep Peru’s opportunities, songs of life and collective emotions, in a space where nature and the human being walk together and live in harmony.

Amazonas Location

The Region of Amazonas is situated in the North-east of Peru, on the right bank of the Utcubamba River, with its Western extremity in the Condor’s Cordillera which can ascend up to 4,000 meters in altitude. Furthermore, it is part of the Amazonian Basin, cleaved by the Marañon River and its affluents, the Santiago, Utcubamba, Cenepa, Nieva and Chuchungas Rivers.

Amazonas Foundation

It was founded as a department, by law of November 21, 1832, with a territorial extension of 39,249 km².

Amazonas Borders

To the North, with the Republic of Ecuador
To the East, with the Region of Loreto
To the South, with the Regions of La Libertad and San Martín
To the West, with the Region of Cajamarca.

Amazonas Capital city

Chachapoyas is the capital city of the Department of Amazonas. It is located in the mountains, on a plateau, at an altitude of 2,334 m.a.s.l., and is surrounded by mountains. In addition, it is bathed by the Utcubamba and Sonche rivers. But, in spite of being a warm area, it belongs to the mountains and not to the jungle.

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