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Tarapoto / Blue Lagoon

CODE: 5194330003 Tarapoto / Blue Lagoon (3 Days / 2 Nights) This program is very attractive and exciting, because it combines ecology and adventure, in paradise-like places, such as the Blue Lagoon, also known...

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Warm Tarapoto

CODE: 5194330002 Warm Tarapoto (03 Days / 02 Nights) Enjoy two of Tarapoto’s emblematic circuits, is an exciting sensation that wins any traveler over. Navigating on the Huallaga River, amidst an abundant nature and...

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San Martin – Tarapoto

SAN MARTIN – TARAPOTO San Martin – Tarapoto Geographic Situation It is located in the Northern and Central part of the Peruvian territory, on the Eastern flank of the Andean relief, and mainly occupies areas...