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Cocalmayo’s thermal baths are a spa that has been conditioned taking advantage of the blossoming of hot springs in the foothills and along the Urubamba river.

Its three pools with medicinal water from the subsoil becomes the ideal place to relax after a tour to Machu Picchu or Choquequirao, has duly adequate facilities for bathers, equipped with showers, bathrooms differentiated by sex, dressing, tennis football, camping spaces, a lookout, a cafe and kiosks for the sale of food and beverages.

The main characteristic of these waters is given through a unique and differentiated crystallinity many of Peru and the landscape of the jungle makes this place a paradise nestled in the Cusco jungle, the medicinal water has a temperature ranging between 40 and 44 ° C, suitable for human body.

Healing properties attributed to it as a therapeutic treatment for skin ulcers, rheumatism and bone pain. It also features whirlpool system.

It is accessed via dirt road, the walk is about twenty minutes from the capital of the district of Santa Teresa.