San Martin – Tarapoto


San Martin – Tarapoto Geographic Situation

It is located in the Northern and Central part of the Peruvian territory, on the Eastern flank of the Andean relief, and mainly occupies areas of high jungle and on the Western side, some sectors of its jurisdictional border reach the Eastern edge of the Andean high plateau. The Region of San Martín occupies a surface of 51,253.87 km².

Geographic Relief

It is composed of four morphological areas: The Occidental area which borders with the Eastern edge of the Andean plateau; the broad valley area, with the presence of benched terraces; The South-eastern area, with a geographical relief which is the continuation of the Blue Cordillera; and between Tingo María and Uchiza, it divides the waters that run to the Ucayali and Huallaga rivers. The altitudinal levels are: Quechua, suni, fluvial yunga, omagua and rupa rupa.

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San Martin – Tarapoto

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