Madre de Dios – Puerto Maldonado


World Capital City of Biodiversity

Madre de Dios Geographical situation

The Region of Madre de Dios is situated in the South-east of Peru. It is a large Amazonian region, the extension of which is of 85,182 km².

Geographical relief of Madre de Dios

The Department of Madre de Dios is mainly composed of flatlands, among which the lowest are submitted to annual floods and generally are marshy.

The South of the department is dominated by the foothills of the Carabaya Mountain Range.

To the West, there are smaller hills, among which runs the Isthmus of Fitzcarral which forms the water divide between the Madre de Dios and Urubamba rivers.

Borders of Madre de Dios

  • To the West: Cusco and Ucayali
  • To the East: Brazil and Bolivia
  • To the South: Cusco and Puno
  • To the North: Ucayali and Brazil.

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Madre de Dios

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