Mausolea of Revash – Museum of Leymebamba

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Mausolea of Revash - Museum of Leymebamba (Full day)

Revash´s Mausolea are rectangular-shaped funerary chullpas, with 1 and 2 floors and double-slanted roofs, built on inaccessible cliffs, in caves carved in the rocky walls of out-jutting rocks and imposing precipices, and are collective sepultures, as evidenced by the bone remains they still contain.

It is estimated that their construction dates back between 1100 and 1300 A.D. and it belongs to the Chachapoya culture. Leymebamba´s Museum is composed of three exhibition halls which shelter the material salvaged from the Condors´Lagoon area, consisting of more than 200 mummies and archeological pieces; such as decorated gourds, ceramics, bamboo recipients, woven bags, ear pendants, woodden combs, capes made of cotton, quipus and others objects of interest.

The Leymebamba Museum Association, composed of local inhabitants and the Mallqui Center NGO promote the permanence of this important museum.


  • 7:30 a.m.: Departure from the hotel, on a tourist transportation
  • Guided visit to Revash’s Mausolea
  • Visit to the picturesque village of Leymebamba
  • Visit of the Mallqui Center Museum
  • 4:30 p.m.: Return to Chachapoyas and transfer to the hotel.


  • Tourist transportation
  • Bilingual official tour guide
  • Guided tour of the Mausolea of Revash and Museum of Leymebamba
  • Entrance tickets to the attractions to visit
  • Lunch
  • Maps, brochures and souvenir.

Does Not Include:

  • 19% VAT (For Peruvians only)
  • Non-programmed food or extras, drinks, snack, tips, etc.



Mausolea of Revash

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