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Its climate is warm and dry, with an average temperature of 27?C, in the summer and an annual average temperature of 20?C (Maximum of 30? and minimum of 8?C)

Access Ways

By Land

Lima / Ica (303 km.), on the South Panamerican Road: About 4 hours, traveling on a tourist bus.


  • Ica to Lima 303 km.
  • Ica to Arequipa 711 km.
  • Ica to Tacna 990 km.

By Air

Light planes make the journey, mainly for tourist purposes, from the city of Lima, with arrivals to and departures from the following airports and aerodromes. They also offer flights over the Nazca and Palpa Lines.

  • Ica (Las Dunas Aerodrome)
  • Ica (Las Palmeras Aerodrome)
  • Pisco (Pisco’s Airport)
  • Nazca (María Reiche Neuman Aerodrome

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