Holly Week in Ayacucho

Ayacucho is the Latin American capital of Holy Week and this festival is celebrated for ten days, during which the population and tourists, who arrive in the city of Ayacucho, participate in religious ceremonies and processions, as well as cultural, artistic , dining and shopping.

In the main streets of the city of Ayacucho beautiful carpets of flowers are created for the processions.

Alfombra de Flores - Semana Santa en Ayacucho

The Holy Week in Ayacucho was configured as follows:

  • The Friday of Sorrows is the first holiday with processions of the Lord of the Agony and the Dolorosa Virgin in the Magdalena neighborhood.
  • The Palm Sunday with the entrance of the hut and the procession of the Lord of Ramos.
  • The Holy Monday, come out the Procession of the Lord of the Garden.
  • The Holy Tuesday, come out the Procession of the Lord of Judgment.
  • The Holy Wednesday, come out the Procession of the Meeting, which is what arouses more emotion in the Ayacucho population. The Plaza Mayor is the scenery where Jesus’ encounter with his mother revives.
  • The Holy Thursday with the pilgrimage to the Eucharistic monuments. The 7 most important churches in the city are visited and the way to Calvary is dramatized.
  • The Holy Friday with the processions of Lord of the Descent, the Holy Sepulchre and the Virgin of the Soledad or Dolorosa.
  • On Easter Sunday with the procession of the Risen Christ leaving the cathedral.

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