Haywariska: Ceremony of offering to the Pachamama


The ceremony of offering to the Pachamama is ancestral origin as part of a system of reciprocity that the ancestors had with the spiritual world, whose purpose is to return to Mother Earth has given what this ceremony is held on the first day of the month August and during the month.

The rituals are designed to the Apus (male aspect of nature) and Pachamama (the feminine aspect of nature), the breakdown of this reciprocal break the harmony and the natural, social and religious systems.

The person conducting the ceremony is “altomisayoq” or “yatiri”, claiming to have supernatural powers and communication with the spirit world. Give the gift called “despacho” after asking permission tends table and between sentences make these wishes with prayers for their great faith for personal gain and the people and issues they consider important.


The Haywariska EMUFEC is a ceremony that takes place in the Plaza of San Blas in order to promote the expression of Andean religion, which aims to reconcile man with the supplier deity of life as is the Pacha Mama.

For its realization in recent years has had as allies the Association of Artisans traditional Cusco San Blas, who will contribute to the organization of this event.

The ceremonial Tawantisuyo includes evocative scenes involving the Inca and the Coya, where more than 100 choreographic form the cast that add cultural associations of the city. Then comes the ritual of Offering to Mother Earth, by Andean Priests, culminating with the “q’ochurikuy” with a festive program of dances.


Date: Friday, August 28

Time: 03:00 p.m.

Place: Small square of San Blas

Organizes: Provincial Municipality of Cusco and EMUFEC

Participate: Association of Artisans Traditional Cusco San Blas

Haywarikuy 2015

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