Feast of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo 2016

Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo

This festival starts on July 14 at night with the traditional essay of the dances, the 15th day with the entrance to the festival, the 16th, is the main day and begins with the celebration of the Mass of Aurora, the Mass of party, the distribution of the Eleven, and finally make the procession of the Virgin of Carmen, the 17th blessing is given and the guerrilla becomes, and the festival ends on July 18 with the Watatiaycuy and Oqaricuy and in some cases up to 19th Walqanche or parting to the musicians.

Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo, Cusco

The Virgin of Carmen de Paucartambo is a holiday celebrated not only with much religiosity but rather with a fervor that comes from something more than the desire of a people of honoring to a sacred image of 1.32 m of height; in Paucartambo when homage is paid to the Mamacha del Carmen is celebrated something more than a Catholic rite; is celebrated a collective idea might be called tradition!

Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen de Paucartambo

The saqras or demons take to the housetops

The saqras or demons take to the housetops

At the end of the procession, war is waged on the demons, from which the faithful emerge in triumph.

Guerrilla between demons and faithful - Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo

The dances that can be observed are: Saqra, Qhapaq Chuncho, Quadrille, Kachampa, Chilean Auqa, Tarpuy, Challalla Phallchascha, Qollacha, Qapac Black, Bakers, among others.

Dance of the Feast of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo

This festivity is held every year in the colonial town of Paucartambo, at a height of 3,017 m.s.n.m. and 110 km. from Cusco approximately 4 hours from Cusco.

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