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Tambopata / Candamo

CODE: 5182330006 Tambopata / Candamo  (6 days / 5 nights) The Bahuaja Sonene National Park is a bio-diversified place which shelters 450 bird species, 28 of amphibians and 74 of mammals, a huge diversity...

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Madre de Dios Tourist Packages

TOURIST PACKAGES MADRE DE DIOS TAMBOPATA CANDAMO / BAHUAJA SONENE GENERAL INDEX CODE ECOLOGICAL TOURISM 5182330001 Bahuaja / Collpa Lagos, 5D/4N 5182330002 Collpa Chuncho, 3D/2N 5182330003 Collpa Lagos, 5D/4N 5182330004 Colorado Expedition, 5D/4N 5182330005...