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Special Colca

CODE: 5154330002 Special Colca (02 Days / 01 Night) This is a very much requested program, designed for visitors who already are in the city of Arequipa and who wish to only get to...

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Glyphs of Toro Muerto

CODE: 5154220003 Glyphs of Toro Muerto (Full day) Toro Muerto is an ensemble of graphic representations appearing in nearly 6,000 volcanic rocks which were carved by the ancient Waris, between 900 and 1200 a.D....

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Map of Arequipa

Arequipa Arequipa, the white city, is situated in the South of Peru; its geographical coordinates are 16° 23′ 56″ South, 71° 32′ 6″. Please, use Google Map to see the streets of Arequipa, the...

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Arequipa Useful Information

Climate It is dry and mild, with temperatures varying between 24 and 10? C. From January to March, there are moderate rainfalls and the Sun shines almost every day of the year. Distances Arequipa...

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Arequipa Principal Tourist Attractions

City of Arequipa Arequipa, The White City, spreads at the foot of the majestic Volcano Misti, sheltering an impressive architectural wealth. Its historical center has an urban configuration in the Vice-regal and Republican styles,...