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Visit Piura, situated on Peru’s North coast and mountains. Know and enjoy Northern Peru’s most sought for seaside resorts and beaches, as Mancora Beach.

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Map of Piura

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Piura Useful Information

Climate It is desert-like and semi-dry on the coast and the Occidental Andean slopes, with rare rainfalls, except when the El Niño phenomenon comes along, during which there are abundant rains which activate dry...

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PIURA Geographical Situation The Region of Piura is situated on Peru’s North coast and mountains, near the border with Ecuador, and has a surface of 35,892.49 km². Geographical Relief Its topography is varied and...

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Piura Main Tourist Attractions

The Cathedral of Piura It was founded in 1588, and dedicated to the Virgin of Assumption and Saint Michael Archangel. Inside, there is a baroque altar of the Virgin of Fátima, carved in cedar...

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Piura Tourist Packages

TOURIST PACKAGES REGION OF PIURA GENERAL INDEX CODE ADVENTURE TOURISM 5173110001 Beach Circuit 3D/2N 5173110002 Máncora Beach Circuit 4D/3N MYSTICAL TOURISM 5173440001 Huancabamba Sacred Lagoons 4D/3N More About Piura: Piura Useful information Main Tourist...