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Pachacamac Archeological site Lima 0

Lima / Pachacamac

CODE: 5101220003 Lima / Pachacamac (03 Days / 02 Nights) 31 km. south of the city of Lima and a 45 minute bus ride on the South Panamerican Highway, lies the pre-Colombian Oracle of...

Caral Ancient City 0

Caral Ancient City

CODE: 5101220001 Caral Ancient City (Full Day) The Sacred City of Caral, Humanity´s Cultural Patrimony, lies 200 kilometers north of the city of Lima. It is the most important and ancient archaeological site of...

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Lima – Caral

CODE:  5101220002 Lima – Caral  (03 Days / 02 Nights) This program combines circuits of the Colonial Lima, museums, modernity, history and archaeology, with one of Peru´s main archaeological complexes; the Sacred City of...

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Ica Main Tourist Attractions

Main Tourist Attractions of Ica Nazca Lines They are situated in the South-east of Peru, between Km. 419 and 165 of the South Panamerican Road, at an altitude of 550 m.a.s.l. and exactly 25...

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Ica Useful Information

Climate Its climate is warm and dry, with an average temperature of 27?C, in the summer and an annual average temperature of 20?C (Maximum of 30? and minimum of 8?C) Access Ways By Land...

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Map of Huaraz

[mapa] See Huaraz – Ancash in a larger map Ancash - Huaraz Useful information Principal Tourist Atractation Tour and programmes Tourist Guide Version PDF

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Map of Lima

[mapa] See Lima City in a larger map Lima Uselful Information Main Tourist Attractions Tourist Packages Tourist Guide Version PDF

Map of Ica 0

Map of Ica

Ica Welcome Ica, Capital city of Peruvian Wine and Pisco. The city of Ica is the capital of the Ica Region in southern Peru, its geographical coordinates are 14° 4′ 5″ South, 75° 43′...

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Enrico Poli Museum

CODE: 5101550007 Enrico Poli Museum  (Half Day) This private museum possesses a remarkable collection of gold and silver objects from pre-Hispanic cultures, including the jewels of the Lord of Sipán, and Incan ceremonial jewels...