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Region of Cusco

The Region of Cusco is located in the South-east of Peru, and is composed of two natural regions: The mountains and jungle. It covers a surface of 76,225 km², which corresponds to 5.9% of the Peruvian territory, and is divided into 13 provinces and 108 districts.


  • To the North, with the jungles of Junín and Ucayali
  • To the South, with the departments of Arequipa and Puno
  • To the East, with the Amazonian plains of Madre de Dios
  • To the West, with the mountains of Apurimac and the jungle of Ayacucho

Regional Population

1’169,927 inhabitants.

Capital City

The city of Cusco is the Region’s capital city, and it is located in the Huatanay River Valley, in the South-eastern Andes of Peru.

Its geographical coordinates are: 13° 30′ 45″ South latitude and 71° 58′ 33″ West longitude, parting from the Greenwich Meridian, and its average altitude is of 3,339 m.a.s.l.

Urban Population of the City of Cusco

400,000 inhabitants

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