Carnival of Juliaca

The Carnival of Juliaca is a popular folk festival in honor of the Pachamama in the city of Juliaca, it has a continuous period of 7 days, it is one of the longest carnival festivities in Peru, besides being the maximum expression of folklore of Juliaca. The most outstanding carnival customs of Juliaca are four:

Things to Carnival of Juliaca 2016

  1. Wednesday, January 30: Q’ashua of San Sebastian
  2. Saturday, February 6: The entrance of Ño Carnavalón.
  3. Sunday, February 7: Family lunch. Celebrating with the dead in the cemetery
  4. Monday, February 8: Ch’alla and Taripacuy to homes and businesses. (Garnish with flower petals around homes and businesses)Groups of Pinquillos and Tarkadas on the Plaza de Armas.
  5. Wednesday, February 10: Reading Testament and Burning of Ño Carnavalón and native dances.


  • Friday, January 8: Launch of Dance Competitions in the Plaza de Armas (3:00 pm)
  • Saturday, January 23: Elencos Competition in the Cerrado Coliseum (5:00 pm)
  • Monday, February 8: Tarkadas and Pinquillos in the Plaza de Armas
  • Wednesday, February 10: XVIV Pinquillo Gold and Burning of nonCarnavalón
  • Thursday, February 11: XXVII Golden Rod
  • Friday, February 12: Christ Black and Gold Hat
  • Saturday, February 13: XXXVII Tokoro Gold
  • Sunday, February 14: Gold Crown
  • Monday February 15: Great Shutdown Folk

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