Cajamarca Useful Information


Its climate is mild, dry and sunny. The average annual temperature is of 14? C, the maximum temperature, of 21? C and the minimum, of 6? C.

Accesses and Communications

By Plane

The city of Cajamarca is connected with the city of Lima, by means of regular daily flights of the LC Busre Airline, from the Mayor General FAP Armando Revoredo Airport, 3.5 km. from the center of the city. Flights last about an hour.

By Land

The main access from Lima to Cajamarca covers a distance of about 850 km., traveling by bus, on the North Panamerican Road, which lasts about 18 hours. In Cajamarca, there is no bus station. However, the majority of transportation companies´ terminals are located on blocks 2 and 3 of Atahualpa and Independencia Avenues.

  • Cajamarca / Lima: 850 km.
  • Cajamarca / Trujillo: 300 km.
  • Cajamarca / Chiclayo: 263 km.
  • Cajamarca / Huaraz: 615 km.
  • Cajamarca / Chachapoyas: 335 km.
  • Cajamarca / Chimbote: 430 km.
  • Cajamarca / Yurimaguas: 769 km.

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