Cajamarca City


Geographical Situation

The Region of Cajamarca is situated in the North of the Peruvian territory, in the Occidental Andean Mountain Range. It covers mountainous and jungle areas, and has a surface of 35,417 square kilometers.


  • To the North, with Ecuador
  • To the South, with the Region of La Libertad
  • To the East, with the Region of Amazonas
  • To the West, with the regions of Piura and Lambayeque.

Capital City

The city of Cajamarca is located at an altitude of 2,750 m.a.s.l. Towards the East, it presents a broad valley, through which run the Mashcón and Chonta rivers which, uniting at the level of the hamlet of Huayrapongo, form the Cajamarca River.

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