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BoliviaTiwanacu, the remains of the city lost in time, had its splendor 1,400 years before Christ. In its origins, it was situated on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The Tiwanacota culture stood out for its knowledge in astrology, in the confection of textiles and ceramics, as well as for its sophisticated agriculture and dominion over the stone, for the construction of its monuments.

It shows the grandeur of the human spirit dominating its surroundings. A monument to architecture shows us the Temple of Calasasaya, the Sun’s Gate, sculpted heads and great ceremonial spaces.

Island of the Sun

On the Island of the Sun, there are the remains of Pilkukaina, the stairway with one thousand steps, as well as the Fountain of Eternal Youth and the ruins of the Chincana (The Maze). There also are different paths to hike among the ruins.


Sampaya, 12 km. from Copacabana, displays houses built with stones and rough thatched roofs. There, lives an Aymara population that keeps the same customs than hundreds of years ago.

Uyuni’s Salt Plain

The Salt Plain is all that remains of a huge inner sea which dried up, hundreds of thousands of years ago, leaving a great quantity of salt which is what can currently be observed. The landscape shows us a contrast with the starry sky that presents itself like a voyage of the Planet Earth spacecraft, in the infinite universe.

No visitor who comes to Bolivia, considering him or herself to be a good connoisseur, should miss out on visiting the Salar of Uyuni, as it is one of the Natural Wonders of the World.

(Death’s Trail)

It is located at a distance of two and a half hours from La Paz, going down a zigzagging paved trail. One can also go by the ancient trail which is stony and called “Death’s Trail”, for crossing the Andes at a high altitude.

Many tourists go down on the Death’s Trail, on mountain bikes, defying altitude and conquering a trail, which produces an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

Madidi’s Jungle

This natural sanctuary shelters a great diversity of animal life, in its forests, meadows, rivers and skies. For example, the variety of bird species is superior in that jungle, than in any other part of the world.

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