Amazon / Yanayacu

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Amazon / Yanayacu (04 Days / 03 Nights)

Cross the threshold of the green wall, along 77 km., in two ecosystems: The Sinchicuy River and Yanayacu River basins. From the city of Iquitos, navigating on the Amazon River, the world’s longest and mightiest river, we’ll penetrate into the Amazonian jungle, to observe the richness of the exuberant flora and varied fauna existing in the tangled jungle, in its rivers and lagoons or qochas, where we’ll appreciate a great diversity of birds, fish, wild animals, insects, medicinal plants and giant trees.

We will ride on a motorized river boat and will go on a hike, to have a direct contact with nature, and we’ll have a chance to share live experiences and ancestral customs, with members of native communities.

Finally, we’ll enjoy Loreto’s delicious food, with local products.


DAY 01           Arrival to Iquitos / Tour of the Eco-cultural Circuit in the Sinchicuy River Basin

  • Reception at the airport and short tour of the main tourist attractions of Iquitos
  • Transfer to the port, to board a motorized river boat and transfer to the lodge, navigating on the Amazon River , the world’s mightiest and longest river
  • Arrival at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge, reception with a delicious welcome refreshing drink, elaborated with local fruit (Cocona, camu camu, copoazú, etc.)
  • Excursion on foot or on a canoe, to the Yagua ethnic group’s community, located in Nuevo Perú (New Peru), with its ancestral customs, to appreciate its original palm tree fiber garments, and put your aiming skills to the test, with the phucuna (Blowpipe) the Yaguas have been using to hunt, since centuries
  • Return to the lodge and typical lunch, with natural local products
  • Ethno-botanical excursion, to discover the medicinal properties of the Uña de Gato (Cat’s Claw), Caña Agria (Bitter Cane), Copaiba, Aguaje, Ayahuasca, etc.
  • Visit to the natural healer or Shaman, with explanation on  the properties and applications of some medicinal plants and roots
  • Visit to the Santa María Riverside Estate, observation of homemade extraction of sugar cane juice, orchards, fish farm, with native species, cattle breeding and handicraft fishing
  • Night tour on a canoe or walking, to observe insects, grasshoppers, spiders, religious mantis…
  • Return to the lodge and dinner.

DAY 02           Amazon / Bird Watch / Flora and Fauna Circuit / Yanayacu River Basin

  • Very early, bird watch, meanwhile they feed on the river banks or in plantations around the community
  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Transfer on a river boat, to the other side of the Amazon River, towards the Yanayacu River Basin , observing river dolphins
  • Arrival a Huashalado, hike on low floodable jungle trails, to see manioc plantations, fruit trees and giant trees. It will also be possible to observe monkeys and sloth bears
  • Journey along the Yanayacu River which shelters an interesting fauna and birds, like the kingfisher, sparrow hawks, herons, hoatzin or shansho, etc. Its exuberant flora, with medicinal plants, the lupuna (Ceiba pentandra); a giant tree that grows past 50 meters in height and the Victoria Regia aquatic plant, the leaf of which can be larger than one meter and a half in diameter
  • Navigation to the Tambo Yanayacu Lodge, located in the Falcon Gorge ( 60 km . North-east of Iquitos ), reception and accommodation at the lodge
  • Short tour on a canoe or on foot, to get to know the area. We recommend the use of rubber boots, to ease the hike
  • Return to the lodge and comforting lunch
  • In the afternoon, hike on jungle trails, to appreciate lupunas (Giant trees) and a lagoon, where it is possible to observe the camungo (Anhima cornuta), a flashy bird species that feeds on the aquatic flora
  • Return to the lodge and night hike, before or after dinner.

DAY 03          Bird Watch / Hike to Yagua Qocha

  • Very early, bird watch, while they feed on the Yanayacu River banks or fish in its waters
  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Hike to Lake Yagua Qocha, the habitat of a great variety of fish, where local inhabitants go fishing. There, we’ll have a chance to observe the hoatzin bird or shansho. Canoe ride and fishing
  • Return to the lodge and lunch (If you wish, you can ask to have what you have fished prepared)
  • In the afternoon, we will participate to the ceremony to plant a tree, in the reforestation area, nearby the lodge
  • The rest of the afternoon is free, to go on a canoe ride, swim in the paradise-like gorge or get to know a typical village of farmers
  • Return to the lodge and dinner.

DAY 04           Tambo Yanayacu Lodge / Riverside Community on the Amazon / Return to Iquitos

  • Breakfast
  • Excursion to one typical riverside community, on the Amazon River . During the journey, we’ll observe species of flora and fauna
  • We’ll share and interact with the population, in daily activities and ecological projects
  • Return to the lodge and lunch
  • Return to the city of Iquitos , on a river boat
  • Transfer to the airport.


  • Transfers airport / hotel / lodge / airport
  • Transportation by land and river
  • Bilingual official tour guide
  • Tour of the Eco-cultural Circuit ( Sinchicuy River Basin ’s Ecosystem)
  • Tour of the Flora and Fauna Circuit ( Yanayacu River Basin ’s Ecosystem)
  • Ethno-botanical tour, with observation of medicinal plants and giant trees
  • Bird watching
  • Night tour, in search of insects and animals
  • Hike to Yagua Qocha Lagoon
  • Visit to native communities
  • 01 night accommodation at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge
  • 02 nights accommodation at the Tambo Yanayacu Lodge
  • Full meals during the tour.

Does Not Include:

  • 19% VAT tax (For Peruvians only)
  • National and international flight tickets
  • Airport taxes (TUAA) USD $ 6.05, to board national flights and USD $ 30.25, for international flights
  • Non-programmed food, extras, alcoholic drinks, telephone calls, laundry shop, tips, snacks, etc.
  • Services not established in the program
  • Additional nights for flight cancellations or suspension of other services, due to circumstances beyond the company´s control.

What recommended that you bring:

  • Standard backpack
  • Adequate clothes for the heat
  • Light boots, sneakers and sandals
  • Waterproof poncho for the rain
  • Pants and long sleeves shirts
  • Light Bermuda shorts or shorts
  • T-shirts or short sleeves shirts
  • Hat, cap and sunglasses
  • Swimming suit, towel and personal hygiene kit
  • Canteen, mineral water, water purifying tablets and snacks
  • Insect repellent and sun blocking lotion
  • Flashlight, binoculars, batteries and spare light bulbs
  • Basic medicine
  • Photo camera, camcorder and batteries
  • Extra money, in Soles.









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