Our Philosophy and Goals

Our Golden Rule:

Treat others as we would like to be treated by them, and maintain a warm open door policy.

For us, the customer is number one and we do everything possible to satisfy his/her needs and/or requirements, always maintaining a positive attitude, working as a team, generating a harmonious, pleasant, service oriented and mutual cooperation environment.

Reach the maximum levels of Eco-Efficiency, with humanist and sustainable criteria.

Mystique: The human being only grows spiritually, as he/she serves the others´ wellbeing.

Strategic Goals

  • Spread Peru’s cultural and natural wealth around, promoting the perspective in which more Peruvians and foreigners might get to know our material and immaterial patrimony.
  • Stimulate and harness new segments of receptive tourism, in non-traditional and traditional potential markets, through our participation in tourism fairs, as well as in national and international workshops.
  • Research and develop new products and circuits, broadening and diversifying the country’s tourist offer.
  • Impulse the intensive use of modern technology, for the systematized process of promotion, commercialization and attention to visitors, through the application of appropriate softwares and connectivity.
  • Foment inter-corporate joint ventures, to activate representation and operation networks, in Peru’s main tourist destinations and abroad.
  • Establish corporate and institutional agreements, for the promotion and offer of diverse tourist services.
  • Develop and offer promotional tourism programs for Peruvians (Sayariy Peru and Live Peru is Culture).
  • Inculcate respect for the conservation and proper use of our cultural and natural patrimony.
  • Contribute to the generation of employment and currency.
  • Develop social support programs and actions, in favor of inhabitants of villages and communities, in situation of poverty and extreme poverty, as well as of rural area inhabitants located in the surroundings of the main tourist circuits, to generate a tourist consciousness in them.

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