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Yanayacu Lodge, Loreto, Peru 0

Amazon / Yanayacu

CODE: 5165330002 Amazon / Yanayacu (04 Days / 03 Nights) Cross the threshold of the green wall, along 77 km., in two ecosystems: The Sinchicuy River and Yanayacu River basins. From the city of...

Reserva Nacional Manu 0

Main Tourist Attraction of Madre de Dios

Bahuaja Sonene National Park It is situated in the departments of Madre de Dios and Puno, and belongs to the provinces of Tambopata and Sandia, respectively. It has a surface of 1,091,416 hectares, which...

Produto Turístico Peru 0

Tourist Product Peru

ADVENTURE TOURISM Peru offers you a broad and diverse range of adventure tourist packages and programs, allowing you to get to know and enjoy wonderful and fascinating places, full of history, magic and adventure....