The Feast of the Lord of Qoyllority

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The Feast of the Lord of Qoyllority

The Lord of Qoyllur Rit'i

Villagers district Ocongate (Quispicanchis), in the department of Cusco, perform a ritual whose external symbol is the image of Christ, but whose real objective is the integration of humans and nature, people of this place are devotees of Taytacha Qoyllority (lord of the Shining Snow).

Qoyllur Rit'i Festival

How to get:

You should take car from Cusco, from the whereabouts of Ocongate in the transport company Huayna Ausangate, Saywas or Siwar.

The trip takes three hours then get off at Mawayany, is located one or two hours walk above the village of Mawayany, at 4600 meters above sea level.