Mysterious Peru


Mysterious Peru (9 days / 8 nights)

Lima / Chiclayo / Chachapoyas / Cajamarca / Lima

Mysterious Peru

DAY 01 – Mysterious Peru :          Arrival in Lima

  • Reception at the international airport and transfer to the hotel.

DAY 02 - Mysterious Peru :          City Tour / Circuit of Beaches

  • a.m.: Guided tour of the colonial and modern city.
  • Lima´s exquisite gastronomy, seafood dishes, Cebiche, Pisco Sour and traditional “peña” show.
  • p.m.: Circuit of beaches on the Green Coast.

DAY 03 - Mysterious Peru :          Lima / Chiclayo / Night Departure to Chachapoyas

  • a.m.: Flight to the city of Chiclayo, reception and transfer to the hotel. Day use service.
  • Tour of the Archaeological Complex of Huaca Rajada, where the Lord of Sipan´s tumb was found. Tour of the Archaeological Complex of Túcume or Pyramids´ Valley. Visit of the majestic Lord of Sipan´s Royal Tumbs´ Museum which shelters that Sovereign´s funerary context and that of his Court.
  • p.m.: Night departure on a bed or semi-bed bus, to the city of Chachapoyas.

DAY 04 - Mysterious Peru :          Arrival in Chachapoyas / Archaeological Complex of Macro / Fortress of Kuélap

  • a.m.: Arrival, reception and transfer to the hotel. Tour of the Archaeological Complex of Macro and of the Fortress of Kuélap; one of the Chachapoyas´ majestic architectural works, built on top of a high mountain, and surrounded by cliffs and abysses on three of its four sides. Within its more than 20 meter high walls, there are 505 living quarters, the majority of which have a circular layout.
  • p.m.: Return to the city of Chachapoyas and transfer to the hotel.

DAY 05 - Mysterious Peru :          Chipurik´s Mausoleums / Karajia´s Sarcophaguses

  • a.m.: Tour to the Mausoleums of Chipurik; a funerary complex of the Chachapoya culture, with its funerary statues deposited in cliffs of difficult access. Tour to the Sarcophaguses of Karajia; pre-Incan tombs situated at the upper part of a precipice, which are 2 meters high, and are shaped in clay and decorated with geometrical designs, which turn them into an original kind of burials.
  • p.m.: Return to the city of Chachapoyas and transfer to the hotel.

DAY 06 - Mysterious Peru :          La Pitaya´s Petrogliphs and Gocta´s Cataracts

  • a.m.: Tour to the Petrogliphs of La Pitaya which are graphic representations of flora, fauna and hunting scenes, with more than 3,000 years of antiquity. Short hike to the impressive Cataract of Gocta, with 771 meters of waterfall; the 4th highest in the world, with observation of flora and fauna of the cloud forest.
  • p.m.: Return to the city of Chachapoyas and transfer to the hotel.

DAY 07 - Mysterious Peru :          Chachapoyas / Leymebamba / Cajamarca / Ex Collpa Farm / Inca´s Baths

  • a.m.: Departure to the locality of Leymebamba, and short visit to the Mallqui Center Museum which presents a collection of over 200 mummies and many objects recuperated from the Condors´ Lagoon.
  • Arrival in the city of Cajamarca and transfer to the hotel.
  • Exquisite typical food.
  • p.m.: Visit of the ex Collpa Farm, with its characteristic stables, where the cows come running when called by their name. Tour of the Inca´s Baths Tourist Complex, where the Inca´s Pool will be appreciated, along with the small ritual pots.

DAY 08 - Mysterious Peru :          Cumbemayo / Ventanillas de Otuzco

  • a.m.: Tour of the impressive Archaeological Complex of Cumbemayo, considered as one of the most remarkable hydraulic engineering works in pre-Hispanic America. Visit to the Bellavista Vantage Point, pre-Incan temple of Layzón, hydraulic canal and forest park.
  • p.m.: Tour to the Ventanillas of Otuzco (Pre-Incan cemetery), with its impressive crypts situated in the cliffs, the Hortensias´ Botanical Garden and Estate Los Alpes

DAY 09 - Mysterious Peru :          Cajamarca / Lima and Flight Home

  • a.m.: Return flight to the city of Lima, reception and transfer to the hotel.
  • Free afternoon.
  • p.m.: Transfer to the international airport, for the flight home.



Superior USD$ 1850
Estandar USD$1167
Economico USD$1077

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