Mysteries and Delights


Mysteries and Delights (11 days / 10 nights)

Lima / Paracas / Nazca / Arequipa / Cusco/ Machu Picchu / Lima

1-DAY: Arrival in Lima

  • Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

2-DAY: City Tour/Museum

  • a.m.: Guided tour of the colonial and modern city.
  • Lima´s exquisite gastronomy, seafood dishes, Cebiche, Pisco Sour and traditional “peña” show.
  • p.m.: Tour of Peru´s Gold Museum Hall.

3-DAY: Lima/Paracas/ Ballestas Islands /Nazca

  • a.m.: Very early departure to Paracas, on a Cruzero tourist bus service. Ballestas Islands…
  • Ballestas Islands

  • Tour to the Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve; one of the world´s nine most important marine outcrops, which possess a rich fauna composed of seals, dolphins and turtles, as well as more than 200 species of resident and migratory birds:   Ballestas Islands.
  • p.m.: Departure to Nazca, on a Cruzero bus service. Arrival and transfer to your hotel.

4-DAY: Flight over Nazca Lines/City Tour/Night Time Departure to Arequipa

  • a.m.: Transfer to the aerodrome, flight over the Nazca Lines, with their gigantic and enigmatic designs carved in the sand, such as outlines of men, animals, plants and geometrical figures.
  • City Tour and visit of the Archaeological Complex of Paredones and Aqueducts of Cantalloc.
  • Marine and Creole gastronomy.
  • p.m.: Night trip to the city of Arequipa, on a Cruzero “bed bus” service.

5-DAY: Arrival to Arequipa/City Tour

  • a.m.: Arrival and transfer to the hotel.
  • Free morning.
  • Arequipa´s exquisite gastronomy, in restaurants and traditional tourist “picanterías”.
  • p.m.: City tour and visit of Arequipa´s countryside, historical center of the city, Yanahuara and Sachaca vantage points, countryside, volcanoes and Sabandía Mill.

6-DAY:  Arequipa/Chivay/Colca Valley

  • a.m.: Departure from Arequipa to the locality of Chivay, observation of volcanoes, snow-capped peaks and visit of the alpaca and vicuña reserve.
  • p.m.: Arrival, accommodation at the hotel, thermal baths and typical food.

7-DAY: Colca Canyon/Cruz del Cóndor´s Vantage Point/Arequipa

  • Tour to the Colca Canyon (3,400 meters in depth, at the deepest spot), condors´ majestic flight and the canyon´s impressive panorama.
  • Tour to some of the canyon´s typical villages, with their Incan benched terraces, archaeological compounds, typical food and thermal baths.
  • p.m.: Return to Arequipa.

8-DAY: Arequipa/Cusco/City Tour

  • a.m.: Flight to the Imperial City of Cusco. Arrival, reception, transfer to the hotel and coca leaf tea.
  • Cusco´s exquisite gastronomy, in restaurants and traditional tourist “picanterías”.
  • p.m.: Excursion to the city´s historical center and surrounding monuments: Main Square (Plaza de Armas), Cathedral, Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha), Archaeological Park of Sacsaywaman and typical dances at the Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo.

9-DAY: Sacred Valley of the Incas/Overnight Stay in Machupicchu Pueblo (Aguas-Calientes)

  • a.m.: Excursion to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, handicraft market (Pisaq) and Archaeological Complex of Pisaq.
  • Typical buffet lunch in Urubamba.
  • p.m.: Visit of the Archaeological Complex of Ollantaytambo.
  • Transfer to the station of Ollantaytambo, train to Machupicchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes).
  • Overnight stay in Machupicchu Pueblo.

10-DAY: Incan City of Machupicchu

  • a.m.: Excursion to the Incan City of Machupicchu; Wonder of the World, which presents a set of living quarters, squares, stairways, towers, walls, water fountains, ceremonial places, such as the Intiwatana (Solar observatory and clock), sacred temples and benched terraces, in an admirable urban harmony, demonstrating the Incan engineering´s high development level.
  • p.m.: Return to the hotel in Cusco.

11-DAY: Return to Lima

  • a.m.: Flight to Lima, reception and transfer to the hotel.
  • Free afternoon.

12-DAY: Departure from Lima

  • Transfer to the airport, for the flight home.



Superior USD$ 2283
Estandar USD$2045
Economico USD$1663

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