Mistura Apega 2015 / Gastronomic fair

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Mistura Apega 2015 / Feria gastronómica

This year we are all Mistura

Our country has a great diversity of ingredientes and cuisines, mixture of races and cultures, we are a party of flavors where people from all our regions gather to celebrate, sharing the best of our food.

The eight edition of gastronomic fair Mistura will be held from September 4-13 in Lima. It’s about the peruvian cuisine celebration, ten days of flavor and color from all the regions of Peru; a showcase to the world of our wide biodiversity and peruvian cuisine as an engine of inclusive development. Everyone’s invited!

Mistura’s Grand Market

Without the effort and dedication of small and medium producers, the freshest local products wouldn’t reach our tables. Without their hands, we would not have the chance to enjoy the wide variety of native potatoes that have fed the peruvian people since ancient times; the fruits from the forest wouldn’t add flavor and color to our juices; and ceviche wouldn’t include spice, sweet potato and corn.

So the Grand Market, which brings together producers from all regions of Peru, is the heart of Mistura and it beats from here to all the fair.

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From Monday to Wednesday: S/. 16.00 (8.00 SOLES FOR KIDS)

From Thursday to Sunday: S/. 25.00 (10.00 SOLES FOR KIDS)

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