Madre de Dios Useful Information


Madre de Dios has a tropical climate (Hot and humid), with most frequent rainfalls between the months of November and April. The average annual temperature is from 25 to 30?C.

Capital city

The city of Puerto Maldonado is the capital city of the Region of Madre de Dios. It was founded at the end of the 19th century and is located at an altitude of 183 m.a.s.l.

Road network

  • Lima / Arequipa / Cusco / Puerto Maldonado, 2,180 km. (About 44 hours by bus)
  • Lima / Nazca / Abancay / Cusco / Puerto Maldonado, 1,621 km. (About 39 hours by bus)
  • Puerto Maldonado / Cusco 533 km. via the Transoceanic Highway
  • Puerto Maldonado / Puno 621.47 km. via the Transoceanic Highway
  • Puerto Maldonado / Arequipa, 1,049.01 km. via the Transoceanic Highway.

Transportation by air

Puerto Maldonado communicates with regular daily commercial flights, with the cities of Lima and Cusco.

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