Pilgrimage to Lord of Huanca

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Pilgrimage to Lord of Huanca

Pilgrimage to Señor de Huanca

Every year, on September 14, thousands of devotees from Peru and some countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile go on peregrination to the Santuary of Huanca to receive the blessing of the Lord of Huanca.

Lord of Huanca

This is a religious annual pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Señor de Huanca. Many people walk to the Sanctuary, to ask for wishes to the Lord of Huanca. Often people will bring their new cars to be blessed. It is possible to walk there on six hours from Huaccoto or take buses from Coliseo Cerrado, the journey takes about 1.5 hours.

Pilgrimage to Santuary of the Lord of Huanca

Route from Cusco to Sanctuary of Huanca on Google Maps

History of Señor de Huanca

In 1675, Diego Quispe who was an Indian escaped from the Yasos mine where he had suffered abuse. He hid from his master in a cave, and it is said that this place was illuminated by the presence of God. As soon as the priests of Our Lady of Mercy heard the story, they sent an artist from the Cusquenian School to paint an image of the Lord in the place where it had been seen.

Santuary the Lord of Huanca - Miraculous water

The Wakas or indigenous sacred sites colonized by Catholicism. Among this large rock circulates water from underground springs of the Sacred Apus, now it considered holy and miraculous water.