Ica's International Vendimia Festival

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Festival Internacional de la Vendimia de Ica

The Vendimia, or Harvest, Festival has been realized in the region of Ica during the first weeks of March in honor of the region’s claim to fame- the best quality wines in Peru, and the world’s finest piscos.

You can enjoy the musical festivals, the Marinera dance contests, shows the unique side-stepping Peruvian paso horse, open-air parties nightly, folkloric shows, fireworks, and more.


  • ROUTE OF THE LAGARES: from 06 to 14 of March. Come enjoy and participate in treading grapes, wine tasting, typical dances and more.

Programa de la Ruta de los Lagares 2015 Programa de la Ruta de los Lagares 2015

  • PARTY ROCK, POP AND REGGAETONWednesday March 11.
Fiesta Rock, Pop y Reggaeton: Celebrando el 50 aniversario de la  Vendimia 2015