Cruz Velakuy 2016

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Cruz Velacuy - 1991 - Simeon Gonzales

General Festivity throughout the Cusco city, reaching greater prominence in the Cross that rises in the Teteqaqa Waka. Also on the Crosses of the temple of San Francisco, San Cristobal, Saqsaywaman, in particular Osqollo and especially in many old houses of the city.

Tetecaca Waka

Until the middle of this century, the Cruz Velakuy did not have much importance in the Holiday Calendar, it is from 1950 after the earthquake in Cusco, the Cross began to have popularity in urban areas because it was previously considered a rural festival ; so that migration of peasants brothers brought with them their customs.

Cruz Velacuy

Today this celebration is very popular, faith in the crosses has grown and this is transferred from generation to generation. The 02 of May is the day of the descent ie the cross is shifted from the shrine where is to the house of butler (if it is a movable Cruz) where is greeted with dances and music, guests and devotees carrying candles and they pray all night, due to the cold of the time, it is customary to drink punch with brandy or pisco to mitigate the low temperatures that night.

Cruz Velakuy - EMUFEC